I May Not See Your Facebook Post

Posting on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media is a fun part of my day. I enjoy seeing updates and comments, and sharing with a broad range of people. I read updates, but I miss a lot. Like many other publishing professionals, I’m in contact with far too many people on social media than anyone can keep up with.

Ever-changing algorithms…

I’ve noticed that Facebook algorithms have changed. I see posts from people I’m not in touch with elsewhere, but posts from many people I’m friends with offline don’t show up on my news feed. I can fiddle with the settings but then the algorithm will no doubt change again.

…mean I’m sure to miss an important update from you!

Some people post incredible life events on Facebook, such as health struggles, crisis situations, and deaths of immediate relatives. I agree social media is an excellent way to let a lot of people know what’s going on in your life, particularly people you don’t see often. But please don’t depend on your literary agent or editor to see your Facebook update, even if it garners 618 comments and 4,014 likes. Unless your agent responds to your comment, don’t assume she saw your post.

What to do?

Be sure your agent is clued in early to anything and everything that affects your ability to write. You two can decide how much and how to share information with your editor. Even if you aren’t writing under a contracted deadline, let your agent know if you’re no longer writing, or your self-imposed summer deadline might need to be moved to January.

When to do this?

In your professional life, your agent is the first person who needs to be told what situations currently affect your writing. Want even better results? Let your agent know what might affect your writing. It’s better for an agent to let your editor know you may need extra time on your book two months before deadline rather than two weeks before deadline. Of course, a sudden development that might mean short notice can’t be helped. But when an ongoing situation develops early, please let us know over the phone or through a personal email. Trust us, you’re not being a bother. And that strategy is much better than depending on any social media platform to do the work for you.

Your turn

Do you use social media for fun or to convey critical information, or both?

Have you ever missed something important on social media?

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