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Great Customer Service

Last week I blogged about a poor experience I had with a hotel, comparing it to a great experience with a different property. This week, I offer a few more tips on how writers can meet and exceed expectations in customer service.

Answer in Person

I was interested in a particular clothing line and called ahead to the store since it was located in the next state. Excellent customer service point number one: a human answered!

Ask the Unexpected Question

I asked, “When do you close?”

Answer: “Eight o’clock. Does that meet your needs?”

Does that meet your needs? Oh. My. I already felt special and I hadn’t even left my house.

Pay Attention

The salesclerk gave me her total attention, answering my questions.

Be Flexible

The salesclerk presented me with many excellent options.

An Exclusive Club

The salesclerk shared interesting tidbits about powerful women who wear this line of clothing.

The Wise Writer Can Do Likewise

True to the tenants of excellent customer service, the wise writer has many options.

Tries to be Available

I totally understand screening calls, but I respond to clients’ calls when I’m in the office. I also respond to emails as promptly as I am able. This is a good practice for writers as well. Exception: if you don’t answer your phone or go online while you’re writing, let important people know.

Makes Her Editor Feel Special

When the opportunity arises, do the unexpected task that will help your editor’s life be easier.

Is Attentive and Flexible

You want your editor to see your best work, meaning you have paid attention to your craft and to the expectations and needs of the editor and your readers. When he has questions (and this is often the case), provide thoughtful answers.

Has Many Ideas

Often, editors will ask for a variety of story ideas. Flexibility and creativity are keys to gaining her trust and respect.

Makes Her Readers Feel Special

You want your readers to be members of your fan club. You can do this in part by being a consistent and friendly presence on social media, and keeping them informed about your work. They’ll feel as though they are a part of your life, and therefore, special.

Your Turn:

How do your favorite writers make you feel special?

What tips can you add?

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