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Book Launch Secrets Webinar, May 6 – FREE

With more than 3,000 new books published every week, it is easy for your book to get lost in the noise. One of the best ways to break through is with an effective book-launch campaign.

But how do you launch a book? What is a book launch? Isn’t that the publisher’s job?

That is what Thomas Umstattd will talk about in a webinar this Wednesday, May 6. He will reveal several secrets about successful book launches, as well as share some tips and tricks on how you can have a solid launch with yours. Register, so we can send you a reminder before it begins: Sign Up Now.

The first hour will be Thomas’ presentation, then I will join him to answer your questions.

I invite you to join us this Wednesday. Register now, take the poll, post your questions, then come back and vote on the questions others have asked. During the second hour, we will answer questions related to launching a book that have the most votes.

Since, for now, you are unable attend an in-person writers conference, focus on what you can do, like learning from home.

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