A Year of Reading Dangerously

Be careful what you read. It may change your life!

Franz Kafka wrote that books can “wound and stab us… wake us up with a blow on the head… affect us like a disaster… grieve us deeply.”

As we move, over the next month, into the Spring, a time of renewal…and this week as we contemplate the Resurrection…think about the books you plan to read the rest of the year.

What is on your to-read list? Is there a book with which you know you will disagree? Is there one that could rattle your cage a bit more than usual? Could we spend this year reading dangerously?

Tell us your book plans below. It will be “fun” to see what you come up with.

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Share Your Irish Blessings!

I think there’s a touch o’ the Irish—or at least a touch o’ the Blarney Stone—in every writer. So what more appropriate way to celebrate tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day than to write your own, original Irish Blessing? Irish blessings can be: Long or Short May the Lord be between us …

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2020, Planning a Publishing Odyssey

Books are the slowest and least “current” form of communication. News or short-turnaround events are best covered in articles carried in media that can reach an audience quickly. Sure, a book about the Super Bowl can be slammed together with pictures in a few weeks, but it won’t win any …

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The Bookstore is Outnumbered

We had a client ask why their book could not be found in the bookstores. It is a common question. One that I tried to answer last year in a post about logistics. Today I’ll approach it from a different direction. The sheer number of books that are being published. Let …

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Fun Fridays – March 11, 2016

This is the perfect illustration on the importance of “voice” in a book. The first version is the way it should be. The second version is how so many books sound to an editor’s ear. Beyond that, the video is simply a brilliant expression of what creativity sounds like! HT: Trissina Kear

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Turn Envy Upside Down

Envy is one of the seven deadly sins and not easy to conquer. Who hasn’t felt jealous over someone else’s success, especially when it doesn’t seem deserved? Seeing an outright enemy succeed is even worse. It doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, take your feelings of envy and put …

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What An Editor Does –Phase 1

As we saw from the comments last week, editors have many tasks. As do copyeditors and proofreaders, but for the next few blogs we’re focusing on editors. I’ve been an editor for over 35 years, both in-house and freelance. And I’ve worked with all categories of books except Children’s books …

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The Friendly Social-Media Purge

How many friends do you have? I mean really close friends? My guess is any of us would name relatively few people you can consider in that category. If it wasn’t for social media, how many people can you recall their birthdays if asked? Social media gives the impression you …

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Mistakes Writers Make in their Queries

The pile of unsolicited proposal, queries, and manuscripts (both email and physical mail) is an unending source of delight and frustration. Delight when an amazing idea from an amazing writer arrives like a special holiday gift. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen as often as I would like. Instead there is a …

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