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The Work of a Cover Designer

We have all heard the phrase “a book is judged by its cover.” And it is true. We all do it. Even when the cover is as small as a postage stamp in an online bookstore.

It is the first impression of what’s inside.

Rarely will you buy the book after you’ve read it. Instead you make the purchase before reading. What you are buying is the promise of the cover, and the title, and the back cover copy. A promise that this one is worth your money.

Our agency often gets to weigh in, with our client’s publishers, on the merits (or demerits) of a proposed cover. It can be a little nerve-wracking when the client sends a cover attachment they have just received from their publisher with the question, “What do you think?” Nary a clue whether the author is glad, mad, or sad. I can’t just get away with an evasive answer like “What a nice rectangle shape!” I have to present my first impression. More often than not the publisher has done a great job. And the times where it’s not what we hoped for there is a healthy discussion as to what needs to change.

On the other hand I wish Indie authors who don’t have agents or a publishing professional in their world would think hard before creating their own book cover on the cheap and uploading it for the world to see. A book cover is more than a stock photo of a forest, a winsome lass or lad, and a funky font slapped on the front. Many do a great job, but when they don’t it is a disaster.

In my work with Enclave Publishing, a division of Gilead Publishing, I have the privilege of working directly with the cover designers on every new release. It is amazing to see what these incredibly creative people can do.

Recently Kirk DouPonce of DogEared Design created a video to show the entire creative process of what he did while making a new cover for Enclave.

This five minute video is fascinating. The attention to detail, like creating a unique knife handle, finding the right fold in the legging of the pants, making the title font almost 3-D. He deserves all the awards he has received.

By the way, the book is a great story for those who love Fantasy. If you don’t, you probably know someone who does. Reserve your copy today by clicking here.

Enjoy the video, then look back at the top of this post at the finished work, then comment below. (click the “vimeo” word in the lower right corner to get a larger version of the video.)

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