Book Trailers: Vital or Wasteful?

Book trailers, if done well, can be a cool component to the marketing of your project. If done poorly or if done cheaply they do very little to impress a potential reader.

Most authors love to see their work done this way. In some ways if feels like the story has made it to the “big screen.”

But does it sell books? When was the last time you clicked and then bought because of the trailer?

Every once in a while you click on the video embedded in an Amazon listing. It is my understanding that to add this feature on Amazon can cost up to $1,000. So it better deliver.

I have mixed emotions on the subject. When they first came out book trailers were all the rage. But then they became commonplace. So the bar had to be raised. The quality of the piece had to go to another level of entertainment…much like the infamous Super Bowl ads.

One author was told, by their publisher, they were obligated to create a book trailer, at the author’s expense, as part of the author’s commitment to the marketing of the book. I found out about this too late to protest…the money had already been spent.

Yesterday I came across the following book trailer that simply blows the lid off the competition. Watch it and tell me what you think. It sure made me want to buy the book! (No, I have no idea how much this cost to produce.)

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Book Tour Lesson: Listen to Publisher

Melanie Benjamin, author of Alice I Have Been, reflects on book tours, in an article for the Huffington Post.  Especially the difference between the one she put together herself several years ago and the one she is currently doing with the help of her publisher.

“I’ve also learned to listen to my publisher. When a bookstore contacts me personally about an appearance, I pass the request on to my publicist. Only once did I ignore her advice and do an event anyway.

Only the janitor showed up.”

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Book Review – Inbound Marketing

In February I was in the Denver airport waiting for a flight. As usual I couldn’t resist browsing the bookstore shelves. Something about the book Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah caught my eye. So, on impulse, I bought the book and began reading it on the plane. I learned a lot about this phenomenon called social marketing and thought that it would be a great book for all authors to read. But I never got around to writing a review!

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